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On this page are listed recent publications that may be of interest to researchers interested in the history of leprosy.

Loh Kah Seng - Unmaking the Asylum:Leprosy and Modernity in Singapore and Malaysia

Indropo Agusni - Bibliografi Penyakit Kusta Di Indonesia - Bibliography of Leprosy In Indonesia. Airlangga University Press, 2001
Jane Buckingham - Leprosy in Colonial South India - Medicine and Confinement. Palgrave, Basingstoke, 2002
Peter Jackson - Quail Island: a link with the past. Je Papa Atawhai, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1990
M J de Mallac - Hansen's Disease: The Shared Paradigm. The Book Guild Ltd, 2001
Alda Py Velloso & Vera Andrade - Hanseníase - Curar para Eliminar. Edição das Autoras, Porto Alegre, 2002



Jane Buckingham

Leprosy in Colonial South India - Medicine and Confinement

Publisher: Palgrave, Basingstoke
Date: 2002

Leprosy is a neglected topic in the burgeoning field of the history of medicine and the colonized body. Leprosy in Colonial South India is not only a history of an intriguing and dramatic endemic disease, it is a history of colonial power in nineteenth-century British India as seen through the lens of British medical and legal encounters with leprosy and its sufferers in south India. Leprosy in Colonial South India offers a detailed examination of the contribution of leprosy treatment and legislative measures to negotiated relationships between indigenous and British medicine and the colonial impact on indigenous class formation, while asserting the agency of the poor and vagrant leprous classes in their own history.

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements - List of Abbreviations - Introduction - Indian and British Concepts of Leprosy and of the Leprosy Sufferer - Patient or Prisoner? Leprosy Sufferers in British Institutional Care - Colonial Medicine in the Indigenous Context - Leprosy Treatment: Indigenous and British Approaches - Leprosy Research and the Development of Colonial Medical Science - The Politics of Leprosy Control - Confining Leprosy Sufferers: The Lepers Act - Conclusion - Notes - Biographies - Bibliography - Index

JANE BUCKINGHAM is Lecturer in South Asian History at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Her research took her not only to the libraries and archives of the UK and India but to the leprosy hospitals and rehabilitation centres of the South Indian heartland.

248 pp 216x138mm
HB £45.00 0-333-92622-6





Peter Jackson

Quail Island: a link with the past

Publisher: Je Papa Atawhai, Christchurch, New Zealand
Date: 1990

This book includes a section on Quail Island being used as a isolation centre for the New Zealand Leprosy Colony until 1931





M J de Mallac

Hansen's Disease: The Shared Paradigm

Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Date: 2001

Adapted from Press Release: This book is the culmination of a lifetime's experience working with the victims of this mysterious disease. MJ de Mallac's argument, set out in a series of dialogues, is that only a radical and shared change of attitude by all concerned will bring about the advances in care and opportunity that have so far been denied. The author argues that the patient should not be shunted off into oblivion, as had happened in the past, and that the discovery, and subsequent research, of the pathogenic agent responsible for the spread and virulence of the disease should be taken much further. Wide ranging in its sources and uncompromising in its assertions, this book provokes discussion on a wider level.

116 pp
HB £12.95 1-85776-597-4





Indropo Agusni

Bibliografi Penyakit Kusta Di Indonesia - Bibliography of Leprosy In Indonesia

Publisher: Airlangga University Press
Date: 2001






Alda Py Velloso & Vera Andrade

Hanseníase - Curar para Eliminar

Publisher: Edição das Autoras, Porto Alegre
Date: 2002

Objetiva informar a sociedade sobre os vários esforços feitos no combate à doença diante das diferentes realidades das quais ela se reveste em benefício da qualidade da assistência aos pacientes. Historiza a hanseníase no Brasil, os planos nacionais para o controle dessa doença como problema de saúde pública, apresenta as estratégias de apoio à eliminação e o cenário da endemia no atual momento, o estágio em que a eliminação encontra-se no País, analisa o Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, como primeira unidade da federação a eliminar a doença, aborda o modelo assistência direcionado à descentralização e destaca o trabalho dos parceiros e alianças, enfatizando as atividades do MORHAN.

This work describes the various efforts made in the fight against leprosy in Brazil. It details the history of the disease, national public health control schemes, strategies for elimination and presents the current situation. There is an analysis of Rio Grande do Sul as the first state in Brazil to eliminate the disease, and the work of partners and alliances is discussed, with particular emphasis on MORHAN (Movimento de Reintegração das Pessoas Atingidas pelo Hanseníase - patients' organisation in Brazil).

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