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Images From Leprosy History


These pages display a variety of images from the history of leprosy. The links to "leprosaria" show images of leprosy colonies or asylums throughout the world. These photographs provide a glimpse of what life was like for people in these places.

The historical maps of India and Brazil link sites where leprosy work was carried out to information in the database, which describes and details archival sources.

There is also a link to Museums throughout the world where facets of the history of leprosy are displayed. The work of preservation that has taken place on Culion Island in the Philippines can be seen here.

A special initiative taking place in Brazil is being undertaken by students under the supervision of MOHAN and Professor Lavinia Schüler Faccini from the Departamento de Genética at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. This initiative is to identify and to preserve the historical records in the colonies of Brazil.

These pages are changing all of the time and if you would like to submit pictures for inclusion, please contact us.

Click on the text links or image links below to see the selection of photos available.


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