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Personal Narratives

Zen Ryo Kyo. Days and Months Towards Restoration of (Human) Rights.
On 15th November 2001, the association of Hansen Disease sanatoria residents of Japan (called Zen Ryo Kyo) celebrated its 50th anniversary and published this book. In its appendix is listed over 300 titles of publications between 1976-2000 (personal histories/records, literary works, poems, essays.... ) all by the residents of Hansen's Disease sanatoria.

Born, Maurice. L'Ile aux Lepreux. Paris: B Grasset, c1979.

Burgess, Perry (1886- ). Who Walk Alone. New York: H Holt, c1940.

Burgess, Perry. Born of Those Years, An Autobiography. New York: Holt, 1951.

Crouch, Howard E.and Sister Mary Augustine Two Hearts, One Fire: A Glimpse Behind the Mask of Leprosy. Bellmore, NY: Damien-Dutton Society for Leprosy Aid, c1989.

Greave, Peter. The Seventh Gate. London: Temple Smith, 1976.

Greave, Peter. The Second Miracle. New York: Holt, 1955.

Levyson, Sidney Maurice (1899-1967). Alone No Longer; the Story of the Man who Refused to be One of the Living Dead! By Stanley Stein with Lawrence G Blochman. Foreword by Perry Burgess. Carville, La., The Star, 1974, c1963.

Martin, Betty. Miracle at Carville. Ed Evelyn Wells. New York: Doubleday, 1950.

Martin, Betty. No One Must Ever Know. Ed Evelyn Wells. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1959.

Reich, Claude V. Blossoms From the Kalatuchi Tree. New York: Vantage Press, c1991.


Takita, Eiji. History of Hansen's Disease in Chosen (Korea) - Sorok Do Under Japanese Colonial Occupation.
A very detailed historical study of the only national leprosarium in the peninsula. Korea was under Japanese colonial occupation from 1910 so their modern Hansen's Disease policy was administered by the Japanese government until liberation in 1945. Sorok do was an island solely occupied to create a national leprosy sanatorium (1916) where more than six thousand people were confined.

Medical Research

Juscenko, A A & Terescenko, R G. Armadillos, Dasypodidae - Ecology, Biological Characteristics, Experimental Model in Biomedical Research. Bibliography (1830-1983). Leprosy Research Institute, Astrakhan, 1983.
"The booklet contains the list of publications on armadillo distribution, habits, biology and the results of biomedical investigations using the armadillos as laboratory animals from 1830 up to date. The issue is supplied with the subject index (in Russian and English) and the authors' index."

Juscenko, A A & Terescenko, R G. Armadillos, Dasypodidae - Ecology, Biological Characteristics, Experimental Model in Biomedical Research. Bibliography (1981-1992) Part 2. Leprosy Research Institute, Astrakhan, 1993.
"The booklet is the second issue of the Bibliographical Index Armadillos and contains a list of publications of the recent decade and those published before 1982 but not included into [sic] the first one which was published in 1983. The compilers of the Index, besides the publications on armadillo usage in leprosy researches, have tried to include the most comprehensive list of the works devoted to systematics, anatomy and physiology, natural habitats of all representatives of the mammal family Armadillo (the Oder of Edentata) and their usage in other applied and fundamental biomedical investigations."

Bibliography published by San Diego Museum of Man

Bibliography on leprosy and leprosaria in Colombia (description and abstract)


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