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1914 St Giles Home for British Lepers was founded.
(There is evidence to suggest that the site had a long historical association with insitutional care of persons with leprosy, possibly dating back as far as the 12th century. See description on the Essex County Council website, and 'Hospitals: Little Maldon', A History of the County of Essex: Volume 2 (1907), pp. 188-90. However, according to the account given in a leaflet, 'Hospital and Homes of St. Giles', this association was purely coincidental.)
2001 The site (already vacant) was closed to the public after it was vandalised.
Source: Thurrock Gazette, May 23, 2001.
1922 The News of the World, on Jan. 1, 1922:
"Rochford Board of Guardians, Essex, are confronted with the problem of dealing with a man who is both a leper and insane. The patient is a native of Mauritius. It was stated at a Board meeting that the man lived for some time in a cottage in a rural parish, and his wife looked after him, but she was unable to do so any longer. Formerly the man was in the Leper Colony at Bicknacre, Essex - an institution carried on by the Society of the Divine Compassion, assisted by the Sisterhood of St. Giles - but his mental state was such that he could not remain there. Asylum authorities who were approached refused to accept the case, and the Board of Control supported them in their attitude. It was also stated that the Ministry of Health would not deal with the matter. Consequently the man had to be cared for by the Guardians. A building was prepared for him, and efforts made to secure three male nurses, though only two have been obtained. The cost of three nurses is twelve guineas a week. Eventually the Board decided to send a deputation to the Ministry of Health."
Cited by Anthony M. Ludovici in Woman: A Vindication. London: Constable & Co., 1926: pp. 244-245.
1947 Short letter entitled "The Homes of St. Giles for British Lepers", in the British Journal of Dermatology, 59.12 (1947): 433.
1935 JMH MacLeod, "Leprosy in Great Britain: St. Giles Home for British Lepers", International Journal of Leprosy, 3.1 (1935): 67-70.
1921 Several articles in The Times emphasised the good work being carried out at the colony and the imminent threat of closure due to financial constraints.
Source: "The English Leper Colony" and "Our Last Leper Colony." in The Times, Friday, Oct 28, 1921; pg. 11. And "The Essex Leper Colony: Princess Christian's Appeal. " The Times, Friday, Nov 11, 1921; pg. 7.

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